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TRYM Beard Trimmer Review

trym beard trimmer

The TRYM Beard trimmer is a very popular model, and one that has been mentioned in quite a few of our lists and articles here on best beard trimmer guide, however as of yet I haven’t given it its own full post, so here, in this TRYM beard trimmer review we are going to have a detailed look at this stylish model, designed for the modern man.


This is the first thing that jumps out at you regarding the TRYM, the way it looks. It could well be straight out of the latest Apple convention, or even from a 90’s sci fi movie. It is sleek and minimalist and definitely looks great in your bathroom, especially if it happens to be in a bachelor pad! As well as the trimmer itself the cool holder that allows it to stay free standing adds to its looks.

What’s In The Box?

This is important to know when it comes to all sorts of trimmers, what comes with it? Well, the TRYM comes with a charging base, AC adapter, three different length attachments, oil for the blade and a cleaning brush. Everything you need to get started.

Trimming Quality

No complaints regarding the quality of this trimmer, it has pro grade blades which have very few problems giving a neat trim. Perhaps this little beauty doesn’t quite stack up when it comes to the top of the range, and some of the impressive vacuum and hi tech trimmers, but it is more than adequate for most of our needs, especially when we consider the…

Value For Money

Absolutely brilliant value for money on offer here from the manufacturer. The Amazon listing price is currently at around $30 which isn’t quite the cheapest out there (Wahl models dominate the low end of the market) but if you want something that is stylish and not an eye-sore in your bathroom then this is the model for you, offering features that other trimmers in the same price range don’t.


As already mentioned, this is not the best trimmer out there, nor does it pretend to be, but it is high quality and, for what it is, very cheap!

Example Review

This beard trimmer was sleek and even came in a sleek package! Looks awesome on my sink and was great for my sensitive skin. Attachments all labeled well and easy to use at quite an impressive price too. 

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

You’ll probably guess by the title of our website, we’re big fans of beard trimmers and we’ve created something of a ‘Dummy’s guide’ on how to use a beard trimmer in order to help those of us who might be used to more traditional methods and not used to shaving with a trimmer. Technology is changing all the time and though this is a relatively simple process it is very important to know what you’re doing.

  • What you’re going to need – Trimmer, Mirror, Bin or sink to catch trimmings, possibly a power point.
  • Make sure your trimmer is charged, a lot will come with a Lithium Ion battery nowadays which means a lot of battery life and some have rapid charge features to put juice in them super quick.
  • Work out the length that you want. This can be a tough thing to work out as when you see a beard it rarely comes with a millimeter measuring!
  • Adjust your trimmer to your length. This can be done in different ways depending on what model you have, for instance some will come with a wheel that lets you click into position the length you have selected, others will ask you to replace an attachment to get the desired length. You need to look in your manual to be sure on this one, or if you have lost it you can probably look it up online.
  • Start trimming at the ear and work your way across, be thorough for an even, high quality trim.
  • Clean up the edges on either the lowest setting possible or with a wet shave/electric shaver. There are usually a few straggling hairs that you don’t want to leave to grow out.
  • Hold the trimmer at a consistent angle to the skin, this will keep your trim even.
  • Wash (and dry) your beard beforehand, use conditioner if you can, this helps to keep it untangled and keeps everything at an even length, plus it’s hygienic!
  • When you think you’ve finished your trim, get a good look in the mirror and make sure you haven’t missed any chunks!
  • Styling your beard? Make sure you use either a professional outliner to ensure you have nice even lines where they’re supposed to be, or that you’re extremely careful about where you try and shape your facial hair.

Maintain Your Trimmer

This is another important area that not everybody talks about, maintaining your beard trimmer is a really key aspect of this. Some will come with oil, which helps to keep the blades in good condition and stops it from tugging on your hair (trust me this hurts). You should also make sure you try and get any lose hairs out of the trimmer, and some are even completely waterproof and washable to help you out with this.

Top 10 Beard Trimmers

beard trimmerThere are so many beard trimmers on the market today that it can be tough to pinpoint the best. That’s what we’re all about here at! You can see a selection of reviews here on the site, but for convenience, and to try and create a definitive list of the top 10 beard trimmers available on the market, from the corded to the cordless, the lithium ion to the USB charged. Here’s our rundown of the top 10.

TRYM – The sleek and stylish way to trim. These come in a clean, minimalist design with an AC adapter, charging base which doubles up as a stand. It only has three attachments so might not be the top choice for those who like to experiment with lots of different facial hair styles, but if you’re pretty easily pleased and you want something to look good in your bathroom, this is the one for you!

Conair iStubble – Sticking with the high tech end of the market, and of course the Apple inspired, the next on the list is the Conair iStubble, an awesome trimmer with a revolutionary ‘floating’ head and a cool LCD display.

Braun Cruzer 5 – The most powerful of the well thought of Braun range of beard trimmers, this is a fully washable trimmer with six easy to control settings, use corded or cordless, ultra sharp stainless steel blades for a firm and even trim.

Gillette Fusion Pro Glide 3 in 1 – Gillette shavers and trimmers sell excellently in Europe and are starting to get a foothold in the American market too, this quality affordable three in one trimmer is a great option for those on a budget.

Andis Professional T Outliner – Andis are an extremely well thought of brand that manufacture pro grooming gear, you’ll pay a little more for the name, but you’ll get an amazing quality trimmer that is great for single length beards.

Panasonic Milano Series – Panasonic are another of the electronic brands to branch into the world of beard trimmers, the Milano series is an exceptional, even revolutionary model, with an amazing 19 length settings which are easily controlled by a wheel on the body of this trimmer, which is also rubberized for the maximum grip.

Philips Norelco QT4070 – This is a trimmer I have already reviewed here on the blog here, a brilliant trimmer that has a built in vacuum to deal with the mess, which sets this trimmer aside as one of the top in the Norelco series. Also comes with a multi-functional LCD screen and 18 length settings.

Remington MB4040 – The trimmer with a bit of everything, this is the best selling beard trimmer on Amazon at the time of writing. A credible nine length settings, titanium coated blades and an impressive 120 minutes of cordless run time, this also has 3 different blades that cut in different ways for different areas of facial hair.

But that’s only 8 trimmers! Okay so perhaps a little white lie here in that I only mentioned 8 trimmers, my long term plan is to turn this into a list of 10 as some impressive product releases are on their way. However, if you have any suggestions for your favorite trimmer that I’ve left out of the list, leave a comment below.

Remington MB-200 Review

remington_mb200Remington have a really prestigious name when it comes to the world of grooming products, and the MB 200 is one of their most popular beard trimmers. It is our quest here at best beard trimmer guide to review as many of the top selling trimmers as possible, so we’ve cast an eye over the MB-200 in order to let you know exactly what it has to offer.




The first thing to note about the MB-200 is its price, available for around the 30 buck mark, this beard trimming product offers such good value for money. There are more advanced versions made by the same manufacturer but this will suit most of our needs perfectly and who can really complain at this price?

Length Settings

For the maximum precision and control of our facial hair I like a model that can offer a vast array of beard lengths. We all tend to go for different styles of beard, some of which we’ve already discussed in some detail on our blog. This trimmer offers nine different lengths so you can go anywhere from a five o clock shadow to a full beard style. Not as many as some other models, but still an impressive amount of choice for the price range this comes in at.

Self Sharpening, Titanium Blades

Remington prides itself on its state of the art blades, and the MB-200 is one of the trimmers that offers self sharpening blades, which increases the longevity of your trimmer and offers a precise and speedy trim with minimal maintenance.

Washable Head

There’s no denying that the clean up op is one of the toughest parts of the trimming process, but it is made easier by the fact that the Remington MB-200 has been manufactured with a washable head. The whole model is not washable but feel free to run the head under a tap in order to wash out the hairs and make the whole process much simpler and mess free!

Other Features

More great features worth noting in our Remington MB-200 Review include:

  • Blades that never need oiling! These bad boys claim to never need any oil and won’t cause discomfort if you don’t oil them from time to time.
  • Completely rechargeable battery (included)
  • Use of this trimmer in either corded or cordless modes is equally easy.
  • LED indicator makes for maximum control and monitoring of your beard trimmer.

Example Review:

“I bought this item for my husband, who will only ever use certain grooming items but is really happy with this. It is easily adjustable and trims cleanly every time with minimum maintenance. He’s ha it a month or two now and has absolutely no complaints, lets just hope it lasts a long time!”


Remington is definitely a brand you can trust and our Remington MB-200 Review had to be a positive one not only because of its features but the fact that it is available at such a great price! Top recommendation from us at Beard Trimmer Guide.