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Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Review

panasonic gb40sIn a market dominated by Wahl, Philips and Remington, Panasonic do not get a huge amount of mention on this blog, but perhaps deserve more, the Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S (I know, it’s a mouthful) is a quality model of beard trimmer and perhaps announces Panasonic as real competitors for the aforementioned brands. Mens health grooming awards winner of 2013, this is a widely respected product, which is (at the time of writing) among the top 10 sellers in the category on Amazon.

So what’s so great about this trimmer?

Wet/Dry Shaving

I love this feature! Us men rarely spend the same amount of time grooming as women, and now we can shave in the bath or shower too, which saves even more time in the mornings! Wet and dry functions are not unusual to find on women’s epilators or other shavers, but we love to see manufacturers of beard products embracing the tech. It also makes it very easy to wash!

Super Charging!

A 15 minute charge will give you 50 minutes of use, that’s extremely impressive. We’re sure you’re not going to use that 50 minutes all at once (unless you’re a yeti) then that means it will be rare that you have to charge your beard trimmer, and can avoid another awkward grooming problem! It charges on a stand (which comes with the product).

19 Settings. 19!

Having 19 settings is not hugely unusual, but the fact that this Panasonic Milano incorporates them all without having to attach different heads is truly amazing. They’re easily controlled with a very simple (and effective) slider near the head. The manufacturer describes this as a ‘precision trimmer’ and with detailing down to 0.5mm it certainly lives up to its title. Whether you want to control a big bushy beard or just get an advance on your five o clock shadow you can do it all with this model.

The Price

Of course, the price varies depending on when you buy this, but Amazon usually offer the best value, the RRP is just shy of $70, which is about right for a trimmer with so many features, but they often offer a tidy discount on this too, meaning you can make a bit of a saving (or should that be shaving).


As previously said, there aren’t a great deal of trimmers featured on the blog made by Panasonic (yet) but having used this trimmer we’re certainly coming round to the electronic powerhouse’s efforts within male grooming and beard care. In terms of just grabbing it and getting on with your trim, this is one of the best beard products you could ask for, no need to attach anything, and can be run under water to keep it clean, so no awkward bristly hairs getting lost all over the bathroom either. The charge time is great, the docking station makes it super easy. In fact, it is tough to fault this beard trimmer, and it can often be picked up for under $50, which makes it a really top choice for anyone!