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Wahl 9818 All-in-one Groomer Review

9818Today we’re taking a look at The Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer which is one of the top selling trimmers that you can find in the market. We have many reviews of Wahl grooming products here, and this all-in-one is definitely one of the best, allowing us to groom not only our beards but head hair and even nose and ear hair too, providing a great solution for most male facial hair needs. With its cool stainless steel design, it certainly looks the part, and over 4/5 stars on Amazon suggests that this is one of the top trimmers you can get your hands on – but does the 9818 do the job?

The arrival of 21st century made many changes to the world of grooming and electronic products to be used in the bathroom. In this modern world, the trends and beliefs of the people have also changed to a great extent. People are now much more groomed.

The Wahl company is famous for designing the products that can be used in male grooming but this particular model has no match with any of its predecessors. The trimmer is more advanced than many of the ‘budget’ models the company offer (some of which are actually very good). In fact, having this trimmer in your hand allows you to trim your hair in a professional way, something that some of the cheaper models by the same company don’t have to offer.

Sleek design:

The trimmer is designed in a metal body. The sleek and stylish silver colored stainless steel body gives the trimmer an attractive look. On the top, the sharp blades helps you trim your beard perfectly and evenly.

Long battery life:

The trimmer is supplied with dual voltage battery. This gives it a long battery life, with one hour charge providing up to four hours of use. After complete charging, the trimmer automatically switches the charger off. The smart LED installed in it also indicates low charging.

Adjustable blades:

The trimmer has adjustable blades. These blades help you adjust the length of your facial hair to pin point accuracy. Adjusting the blades can help you trim your beard as a whole, giving it a touch up, or trimming it in a particular style.

Multiple Attachments:

This wonderful product not only allows you to trim your beard. But it also comes up with a nose and brow trimmer blade. Using this blade you can easily trim the lengthy hairs of your nose, ears or can shape your brows.

Male grooming is also one of the gifts of this 21st century. In this era, men are now more conscious about their looks. They are also in the limelight of the media. Keeping a beard has become something of a trend of our society, with everyone from Clooney to David Beckham sporting facial fuzz of different varieties. It enhances the personality of the individual and can keep men coming up with interesting looks. Having a beard is not in itself a problem. But the problem arises in its grooming. Unless you have the time and cash to make weekly (or even more frequent) trips to the barber, everyone is in need of a handy solution that can save their time.

So, if you are tired of low quality trimmers and want a versatile trimmer at an affordable price, consider the Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer and make trimming easy. The company also gives a 5 year warranty on this product, so it should help with your facial hair needs for a long time!


The Best Beard Related Gifts – Presents for Men With Beards

graveshaveIt can be really tough to find the right gifts for a man in your life, but if you have a bearded loved one, the answer might be simpler than you think. There are some amazing beard related gifts out there, much of which is not only useful, but actually a lot of fun! We’ve made a run down of some of the best beard related gifts out there to give to the facial-haired gentleman.

Grave Before Shave Complete Beard Pack

This is an awesome gift pack brought to you by the “Grave Before Shave” brand. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the awesome branding. It looks classy, and has a sense of humor, and is far from a boring present to open which is something you might associate with facial hair!

The 50’s branding is not all that you’ll notice though, the awesome products are what make this a top gift. Featuring a beard balm and beard oil, a scented dropper (pine flavor) to add to your manly musk! This also has a can koozie and a bar of pine ‘wonder soap’. An excellent gift set at a good price. Sorted!

One Thousand Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair

This may initially strike you as a bit of a novelty present or stocking stuffer, but it is actually a really interesting book! Great for something to make someone smile but also provide the perfect coffee table book material for the bearded man! The book looks at everything from the earliest recorded beards on cave paintings to bearded ladies to Freud’s outlook on them! Great for the facial hair fanatic.

Switchblade Mustache Comb

Now this is cool! The cheapest item to make our list but one of the most fun, it is a great novelty gift but also has a functional use for those of us who use beard and mustache combs. There are a few different models of these available under $10. A quick search will bring you some options.

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Maybe the best product we’ve listed in terms of actual beard care, this will leave your face looking luscious, and does what it says on the tin, causes some serious envy! It comes with a hydrating shampoo with aloe proteins and also a styling product, much like hair product, with delightful smelling jojoba oil.

Best of all in this kit is the comb, which is a ‘boar bristle brush’ perfect for keeping your hair in check, especially if you have a larger facial hair style or full beard. Any recipient of this is bound to see the results, and some serious envy coming their way!

Trym II Beard Trimmer

We’ve picked this trimmer as making one of the best gifts because as well as being such good quality, it is probably the coolest trimmer there is out there in terms of looks, and would fit in any modern man’s bathroom. Sleek looking, living in its own base which also charges the trimmer, this has four attachments and is pretty versatile, so will help most styles of facial hair in one way or another. Perfect for somebody who has just introduced beards to their life, the modern and minimal look turn this into a gift to turn heads.


Lets face it, facial hair is very much in fashion, and because of this there are a lot of products on the market designed to help those who have beards in their life, plus novelty products for everyone from hipsters to fashionistas. A bit of creativity can go a long way, and google is your friend, you can find everything from beard related stationary to aprons to books. Men have a special attachment with their fuzz, so are sure to appreciate a pressie to boot.

The Best Stubble Trimmers On The Market

71kBm7HdaLL._SL1500_The ‘stubble’ look is very much in fashion. Worn by everyone from Brad Pitt to David Beckham, millions of men are emulating the rugged look and leaving their 5 o clock shadows in place. The clean shaven look is becoming less and less popular, but it could be argued that the stubble look takes just as much maintenance, and keeping the length and style you want can be tough. It is worth it though, the style has been voted the sexiest look to women. Keeping your facial hair looking perfect requires a bit of attention and of course a trimmer to boot.

Are beard trimmers and stubble trimmers just the same thing? Not really! The reason there are so many different models out there is that some will suit different people’s needs better than others. Whilst some trimmers are designed for those of us with bigger beards or sculpted styles, others will suit those just looking to create the perfect five o clock shadow look. Making the correct choice with which stubble trimmer to buy can set you in good stead. We’re looking at the top models out there in this post.

Things to Look For in Stubble Trimmers

  • Multiple length controls to be able to choose how long you want your facial hair.
  • Easy to switch between length settings
  • A low shortest setting to ensure you can get a close trim and don’t end up with an unwanted long beard.

Philips Norelco QT4014/42

norelco 4014We often champion the Norelco range here on, and rightly so, they are undeniably one of the most successful and popular ranges of trimmers. The QT4014/42 makes it onto our list of stubble trimmers for a few reasons:

  • 20 different length settings allowing full control of how long you want your facial hair. The length is secured by a locking feature to ensure an even trim. The lengths are locked in so no need for constant changing of attachments.
  • Designed to be friendly to your skin and avoid any irritation.
  • Self-sharpening blades designed to not need any maintenance or oiling, an aspect of trimming that can get very annoying and isn’t needed with this Norelco model.
  • Washable which helps with the clean up, when you have lots of short hairs from trimming stubble this can be tough, but being able to give a quick rinse avoids this problem.

The QT4014/42 is a great trimmer with some superb features, making it one of the top choices for trimming a shorter facial hair style.

Conair i-Stubble GMT900 Trimmer


The next model we’re looking at claims to be “the ultimate in stubble control”. Does it live up to expectation? This model is technically called the GMT900 and has been fully reviewed on our site. It is designed for stubble, and deserves its place on the list due to the great features it offers:

  • Trims from 0.4mm to 5mm and every length in between going up in 0.2mm increments.
  • Unique ‘floating head’ – this is a really interesting and revolutionary feature designed to move with the contours of your face, which is obviously a tough area to trim sometimes. The ultimate flexibility means the most efficient trim.
  • The trimmer is controlled digitally and shows you the length you’re trimming at, and also has a battery monitor so you know when you’re going to run out of juice.

This is one of the more hi tech models available, and is as much a gadget as anything else! Although it is not washable, you can brush the hairs out with relative ease and this doesn’t prove a big disadvantage. In terms of the actual trimming, it does the job perfectly and has 15 length settings for different styles and so you can experiment with length. A clever design available at a good price. Great for the tech-savvy among us, plus it is cool to look at and would fit into any modern bathroom.

An Alternative…

Old Spice (Powered by Braun) Beard and Head Trimmer

This is more of an all-rounder but has shorter length settings. It is one of the best reviewed of all beard trimmers on amazon and is available at a lower price than both of the above models. It’s washable, has a powerful battery and comes in at a very affordable price tag. Doesn’t offer all of the tech of the i-Stubble or all of the features of the Norelco, but it is still a decent option for those on a budget (or who just love the branding of Old Spice)!


All of the above provide good trimming options, and two of them will do more than just stubble (if you have a need to shave your head for instance). Stubble is the ‘in’ look, and in my opinion maintaining it with any of these trimmers is much easier than shaving completely, meaning the maintenance and upkeep of your facial hair is at a minimum. Make your life easier and your face more appealing with these trimmers!

Philips Norelco QG3330/60 Multigroom 3100 Review

norelco qgAnother Norelco review today, we have the QG3330/60 Multigroom 3100, which is on the budget end of the Philips range. That doesn’t make it a bad quality trimmer though, and for a trimmer under $20 this is pretty impressive, offering all the basic features many of us look for in a shaver or trimmer.

Being a ‘multigroom’ means it has multiple purposes, whether you want to shave your beard almost completely off, trim some detail into your style or even get rid of ear and nose hair, the QG3330/60 offers you a solution.

Ear and Nose Trimmer

The clever design of the multigroom means that you can put different attachments on, which serve different purposes, one of which is trimming nose and ear hair. Many people have invested in a separate trimmer for this, but with the Norelco you can do it all in one go, making it even better value for the modest price. It works, too! Unlike some of its competitors, the nose and ear trimmer does a thorough job.

Full Features List:

  • Five different attachments for the ultimate in versatility! Full beard and mustache trimmer, detail trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, beard and mustache trimmer and attachment to comb stubble.
  • It is water resistant and can be rinsed and cleaned after use, something you don’t always find with models at this price point.
  • Up to 18 length settings when you take into account the multiple attachments.
  • Corded and Cordless use – can be used up to 35 minutes on one charge. The adapter which charges is also the AC power adapter, meaning even if your battery life does fade after time you can still use it while plugged in.
  • Self sharpening blades which claim to not require any oiling or maintenance.

What others have said

The Multigroom 3100 has been generally very well received and reviewed. The downsides people have reported include the fact that it doesn’t come with a bag or pouch, but this can easily be fixed. Of course it doesn’t offer all of the features that its brothers in the Norelco range do, but for $20, that is hardly surprising. If you want those extra features, invest a little more in one of its compatriots. In general, though, people have been shocked by the value on offer here, and the fact that the functionality offered at this price point is very generous and impressive. An average rating of over 4/5 on Amazon backs this up, and considering there are trimmers three times the price with worse reviews, this is definitely well regarded.


We call ourselves the ‘Best Beard Trimmer Guide’ – so I think it is only right that I make clear that this isn’t the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to trimmers. What it is, though, is an exceptional value for money offering from a brand we know we can trust. If it only lasts a year or two, considering it is under $20, it isn’t the end of the world, and the features it offers are enough for most of us. So, if you’re a beard newbie, or simply find yourself on a budget, the Norelco QG3330/60 Multigroom 3100 could be your solution.

Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Laser Beard Trimmer Review

norelco9100It may sound like something from the future, but it is here today! That’s right, Philips have given us beard trimming with laser precision. Literally. Today we have a review of the Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 trimmer, a high tech hair removal product which has seen a lot of hype, but does it live up to expectation? What features are on offer with the trimmer? And, most importantly, is it worth your hard earned cash?

Many people on first look might think that this is a gimmick, with so many trimmers on the market now it is important to have a USP, and the laser is certainly that, but it is not just tech for the sake of it, and it serves a purpose for us beard shapers!

The Best Trimmer for Precision?

Of course, it is designed to be accurate, the laser creates a line the whole way across your face, meaning that before the Norelco 9100 even touches your face you are able to align it perfectly. If you have one of the more chiseled styles of beard, or simply need it to be accurate, you won’t need me to tell you just how valuable this is. It isn’t just the laser that helps with being precise though. This is a double ended trimmer, meaning that it has a smaller end for trimming the tougher nooks and crannies that it can be hard to reach, or just detailing. Think of the longer end as a big paint brush, the shorter end as a small one for filling in the details.

Full list of Features:

Norelco are a great range of beard trimmers anyway, and the 9100 is no exception, offering everything you would expect and more to go along with its futuristic tech.

  • 17 length settings. This further helps with detail and lets you choose to within millimeters how short you want your trim.
  • Chromium steel blades that don’t need to be oiled. They’re smooth, designed to avoid irritating your skin and not to require any maintenance. Can’t be bad.
  • Lock in wheel to control length. Nobody wants to be fiddling around with attachments all the time just to get the length you want. The clever wheel design means you can choose your length, lock in and go.
  • Can be used cordless and a one hour charge gives you an impressive one hour of use due to its lithium ion battery, great for traveling around and convenience.
  • Fully washable! Though not a ‘wet and dry’ model, it is still completely washable and can be rinsed off after use, making the clean up a lot simpler.
  • Comes complete in the box with two different types of beard comb, charger and its own storage pouch for transporting it around.


This really is a top of the line trimmer! Laser or no laser, it is effective, has a great list of features and is so easy to use, as well as having an impressive battery life. Okay, so it isn’t the cheapest trimmer out there, but there’s an element of ‘you get what you pay for’ and most who invest in the Norelco 9100 won’t be disappointed. Met largely with positive reviews and coming off the back of the huge success of the Norelco brand, this isn’t just a futuristic statement, but a high quality, high detail, trimming machine.