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Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Review – Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

gillette 3 in 1Today we’re looking at one of the best selling products at the moment in the market of beard trimmers, shaving and other grooming products. Gillette aren’t the best known brand in America when it comes to this type of product, but around the world their sales are huge, and for those looking for a beard trimmer under $20 (yes, incredibly priced!) this could well be the one for you.

This really is an all in one solution on a budget. The three different products you get for your price allow you to shave both face and body, trim and style your facial hair and keep your favorite styles in check. This product is dermatologically tested, designed to be kind to your skin and avoid any irritation. Gillette are famous for their proglide blades which do an incredible job of getting those irritating hairs first time with no discomfort, and leave you feeling smooth.

Full List of Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler Features:

  • Waterproof. Completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower if you prefer to or simply safely be able to rinse it after use to keep it clean.
  • Fusion proglide blades, world famous blades for comfort and efficiency
  • Three exchangeable combs to choose between different lengths
  • The “number one product for men with sensitive skin” – designed especially with those whose skin is prone to irritation in mind.
  • Convenient holder for easy storage

How does it stack up?

gillette 3 in 1 2

Well, how does the Gillette 3-in-1 fare in comparison with the rest of the trimmers out there? Lets start by looking at the price, and being realistic, $20 is not going to buy you the best beard trimmer in the world and if you go in with the expectation that this will offer you the same as a $100 trimmer then you’re going to be disappointed, however, if you are looking for a good quality everyday trimmer without it costing the earth then this could well be your choice. It comes with a few cons of course, it only has a few lengths to choose from so the perfectionists among us may be forced to compromise a little. It also isn’t the most powerful electric trimmer out there and could do with a little more ‘oomph’ in this regard.


As a step up from wet shaving or a simple product to get the job done then look no further. If your needs are more complex, it might be worth looking to a Norelco or something similar, but for many people this is more than adequate. An excellent 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon speaks for itself, and most people agree that this is a top quality product.

Goatee Saver Review – The Goatee Shaving Template!

goateesaverOne of the big developments in recent years has been the re-emergence of the goatee as a mainstream (and really cool) facial hair style. This is in no small part down to the goatee saver, who have made things easy for those of us looking to shave a goatee style! Oh, and Heisenberg, Heisenberg probably has a lot to do with it too…

Shaving a goatee can be a real pain, it is tough to get things right, and an even trim all around, so it is in some ways a surprise that this product took so long to hit the market, the goatee saver is in place to give a guideline and take all that hassle out of things. Even the best detailing trimmer will be difficult in ordinary circumstances, but with the goatee shaving template here, even the most basic beard trimmer on the market can give you a perfect Walter White-Esque look.

Don’t worry, it’s adjustable. Different face sizes and shapes were always going to be an issue with a product such as this one, so the manufacturers have made it adjustable, so you can make it the perfect template for your own face.

How to TRIM your goatee

So, naturally, being a site about trimming, we want to look at how we can keep the actual goatee under control, not just the areas around it. The best tip we can give you is to trim the whole beard with a beard trimmer (we recommend something from the Norelco range for this) and once it is at the desired length, either wet shave or completely shave the area surrounding with your goatee shaper template in place. Job done!


What Others Have Said

The reviews of this product really do speak for themselves, with a 4/5 rating on Amazon from hundreds of reviews, most are very happy with their purchase, and rightly so. As with any new invention, people are often skeptical, and the fact that this one is held between teeth can put people off initially, but there is really no discomfort and people always seem to come around to the idea.


What I love about this product is its versatility, it can be used with our without a trimmer, or just with a wet shaver, take it travelling and you can still have a great styling accessory without even needing a power supply to shape your facial hair. If you are a goatee lover the investment is well worth it, it makes your life a lot easier.

Philips Norelco BT5275 5100 Beard Trimmer Review

5100Regular visitors to the site will know the name Norelco well, but Norelco BT5275 or the Norelco 5100 may be new to you. This trimmer is part of a large range brought to you by Philips, who are a top manufacturer of grooming products including beard trimmers such as this one. This sleek looking blue and silver trimmer may be the answer for you if you’re looking for a versatile yet simple to use trimmer, available under the $100 mark. In fact, this can be picked up for around $60 now which is a very fair price.

Dual Sided Technology

norelco 5100This is probably the main selling point, and the most unique part of the Norelco 5100, the shape of the head is such that there is one larger side which is in place for trimming or shaving larger areas, and a smaller ‘detailer’ which is in place to shave the more intricate areas, great for those with styles such as goatees or other fashionable beards. (Robert Downey, Jr. would be a fan, I’m sure).

Other Features

Along with the dual sides, this has a huge amount of excellent features being offered at this pricing point. We’ve summarized and listed them all below:

  • 17 (yes, a massive seventeen) shaving lengths, all easily controllable with a wheel attached to the trimmer, no awkwardness and messing around trying to fit attachments.
  • High performance, self-sharpening blades. Don’t ask me how it works, but some clever clogs has worked out how to get a blade to sharpen itself, which means a long lasting trimmer that keeps doing a good job, and minimal maintenance, just plug it in and use it!
  • One hour on charge gives you one hour of usage, a mind blowing ratio for this quality battery.
  • Comes with a beard comb and power adapter. Everything you need!

What doesn’t it have?

Well, the 5100 has a big brother, the 9100, and the main difference between the two is the vacuum. Vacuum beard trimmers are something of a trend, designed to suck up the hair as it falls and minimize the mess, which is great, but you will pay a premium if this is a feature you feel you need. The 9100 also has a laser guide, which gives it something of a sci-fi feel, but in some places you will pay double the price for it. Trust me, it’s made for hardcore trimmers who need a lot from their grooming products!

What Others Have Said

This is extremely well reviewed on Amazon and elsewhere, with a massive amount of 4 and 5 star reviews. Many have called it the best in the Norelco range, which is quite a claim among these excellent products. Others have commented on the massive range of lengths, and how simple they are to select, this is a big plus point of the 5100.


This trimmer comes with my recommendation. You’ll be hard pressed to find another trimmer under $100 which is so well reviewed and has such great features, and the added detail blade means that it is excellent for styling, allowing you to do so much with your facial hair that might not be possible with a cheaper trimmer. It’s fully washable, which makes it simple to clean up and in many ways reduces the need for the vacuum that we have discussed comes with other products in the range. It comes with everything most of us will need, and it is tough to find negative reviews, meaning your experience is more than likely to be extremely positive.

Philips Norelco QG3330/42 Review – Top Affordable Multigroom!

norelcoPhilips are a name we see again and again in the world of grooming products and beard trimmers, and with the Norelco QG3330/42 they have pulled a real rabbit out of the hat. At the time of me writing this, it is the number one best seller on Amazon’s “trimmers and clippers” section. Hardly any wonder when we look at the price this can be picked up for, but don’t let its affordability fool you, it is not a flimsy piece of kit, and the reason it has sold so well is not just because it is good for those on a budget.


stubbleThe Norelco QG3330/42 is one of a series of trimmers from Philips, and its older brothers the Multigroom Plus QG3360 and the Multigroom Pro QG3380 inevitably offer more features, they’re worth the extra investment, and have some excellent selling points such as a superior battery offering quick charging time, a carrying pouch, and solid metal guards. That said, the Multigroom in question here does the job for a lot of us, and is exceptionally versatile. Some of its features include:

  • 35 minutes of cordless use after one charge.
  • Specific stubble attachment offering 12 stubble lengths, making it one of the best beard trimmers for stubble on the market.
  • A precision attachment for lines and details, great for those who like to style in detail.
  • Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer for the other unsightly hair on our faces!
  • Rounded tips on the blades to avoid skin irritation
  • Washable. You don’t find many trimmers this cheap that can be washed under a tap so easily, this is a huge plus point.

What Others Have Said

The majority of reviews on Amazon and other online retailers give this trimmer 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, not bad for a trimmer at the ‘cheap’ end of the market. People have complimented how easy it is to use and change attachments, the professional job it does and how durable and hard wearing it is, plus, many say that the battery life that is advertised is incorrect and that it actually tends to last longer. The Norelco brand has achieved quite a following and even professional barbers often swear by the products. Is the rest of the range superior? Yes, of course, that is why they have chosen to go in at multiple price points, but that doesn’t mean this can’t live up to expectation.


Everybody’s beard trimmer needs are different, of course they are, but I’m going to stick my bearded neck out on this one and say that the QG3330 is the best out there at this pricing point. Of course, spend more and get more if you so wish, but for a budget or ‘starter’ (so to speak) trimmer you won’t go far wrong investing in one of these bad boys.

Wahl 9854-600 Review – Beard Trimmer and All-In-One

wahltrimmerWahl are one of the most prolific makers of beard trimmers, and more than ever men are using their products to trim their beards in search of facial hair perfection! Their range of beard trimmers and all in ones are among the best, and range from the cheapest pricing point to the more expensive end of the market. This model, the catchy named Wahl 9854-600 is somewhere in the middle, but offers features way beyond its pricing point, as we are about to explore.

Lithium Ion Battery

As the title of the product suggests it offers a lithium ion battery, this is not unusual and is more and more the way grooming (and other) technology is going, however for the price it is rare to find such a great amount of battery related features, these are:

  • One hour full charge (compared to 8-12 hours in some other trimmers)
  • One minute quick charge. Out of battery? Need a quick tidy up? A one minute charge will get you four minutes of use out of this trimmer. Impressive.
  • Runs for three times longer on a single charge than most of its competitors.


Battery is all well and good, and is a major selling point of the 9854-600, but it is useless if the features don’t do the job you need. So what does this trimmer offer?

Four Blades/Attachments

This is probably one of the coolest selling points of this product, the four attachments. I guess that is what makes it an all in one! The four attachments are:

  • Shave. All off shaves are easy and turn this into a standard electric shaver
  • Detail. A smaller blade to allow for intricate shaving and detailing in your beard
  • Trimmer. For trimming to the desired length.
  • Clip. To turn your all in one into hair clippers.



This has a huge range of attachments and even comes with its own carry bag, so you’ll feel like a barber with this set! A variety of combs, attachments, oil, chargers and the aforementioned bag make this even better value for money, $40 for all of this is a bargain, especially by grooming products’ standards. If you like to ‘keep it simple’ then this may not be the trimmer for you (even though you don’t have to use all of the attachments of course).

What Other Reviews Are Saying

This trimmer has been widely met with excellent reviews, and has some great strengths that make it one of the top selling beard products available today. On Amazon, this has a rating of four stars out of five which is hugely respectable, and puts it in competition with many products twice its price.


The only way I feel that this could be improved is to be a little more simple, I love the way many trimmers now can be altered with the flick of a switch, but that is a tough thing to achieve with such a versatile, all-in-one model. Wahl have gone all out with this trimmer and achieved some excellent results, as a budget all in one this is definitely a product that us at best beard trimmer guide would recommend!

Panasonic ER224S Review: All In One Beard Trimmer

er224sPanasonic are one of the most famous and prolific manufacturers of electronic equipment around the world, be it grooming related or otherwise. The ER224S, one of the best selling beard trimmers (and indeed the best selling hair clippers) on the market, is a great example of their moves into this market, and is designed to try and be a versatile, affordable grooming product with everything you need for both face and head. So does it achieve what it set out to?

Panasonic ER224S Features

The first thing that you notice about this is its slick silver design, it looks like it would be at home in a professional salon, which is always a good first impression to make, and while we don’t like to judge a book by its cover (or a beard trimmer by its packaging) the design goes further than just looks. The wheel which is used to determine which of the 14 length settings you are on is so easy to use and is perfect for those of us in a hurry. No messing around with attachments, just select your length setting and you’re away.

Those length settings in full are…

  • 1mm or 1/32″
  • 2mm or 5/64″
  • 3.5mm or 5/32″
  • 5mm or 3/16″
  • 6.5mm or 9/32″
  • 8mm or 5/16″
  • 9.5mm or 3/8″
  • 11mm or 13/32″
  • 12.5mm or 1/2″
  • 14mm or 17/32″
  • 15.5mm or 5/8″
  • 17mm or 21/32″
  • 18.5mm or 23/32″
  • 20mm or 25/32″

That is an impressive range, going all the way from a tiny, stubbly 1 mm to a fuller, more ‘beardy’ 20 mm.

ER224S-2The blades on this product, which are of course the business end of any beard trimmer, are stainless steel and high quality, as well as being hypo allergenic, they are designed with your health in mind so no irritation should take place when using one of these trimmers.

Panasonic were met with some criticism when it comes to the user manual, which, it has to be said, looks like a few scruffy drawings of Noel Edmunds shaving his beard – but that is all a part of keeping costs down, and anyone who has used clippers or beard trimmers regularly before wont have any problems getting the hang of this. Who needs manuals, eh?

Precision Trimming

Another brilliant feature of the ER224S is the precision trimming, which isn’t necessarily blatantly obvious when you start to use it. By removing the attached guide comb (this can be put back on of course) you get yourself a handy outliner or precision trimmer, for shaving more intricate details into your beard or just getting rid of it all.

A glance at the product on Amazon will tell you that it offers 40 minutes of cordless usage, which is not bad, but could be better, some other products at a similar pricing point do offer more of a battery life. However, corded use is always an option and the actual functions of the trimmer are not to be sniffed at.

The way most trimmers are going now is towards the wet/dry side of the market, this means that you can use it in the shower or while washing, and also just means that it can be washed really easily, we know what a hassle cleaning up after an epic trim can be so making that easier is always welcome.

Amazon also tells us that the product can be used for hair, so if you’ve got children who need their hair clipped once in a while, this works a treat, and goes even further to making the price tag worth while.


So then, my summary, the ER224S by panasonic, is it the best beard trimmer? Well no, it doesn’t quite take that title, it could be better in certain areas such as battery life or even offer a couple more settings. Some have said that the design could be sturdier too, but that said, the product is available for between $20 and $30, and finding another beard trimmer, especially an all-in-one product with wet dry capabilities, is going to be a real struggle, which is why this definitely comes with my recommendation for a cheap but quality trimmer.

Old Spice Beard and Head Trimmer Review

oldspiceA marriage made in heaven, the old spice beard and head trimmer was only a matter of time. The long established aftershave brand have branched into the during shave market with a range of electrical products designed to help with grooming. Not only have they released their beard and head trimmer, there is also a shaver, a ‘shave and trim’ model, and a hair clipper too. The products are manufactured in partnership with Braun, so should definitely be high quality. The hilarious tagline “It’s Red, so you know its good”, is quite a claim, but does this trimmer live up to the hype?


  • Cord or no cord. You can use the cord when you’re at home or if you need to head off on your travels then 40 mins of cordless use are also an option.
  • A narrower head when compared to the other old spice grooming products, this is in order to provide the more intricate detail when it comes to trimming, and means that you can style a lot easier.
  • 12 settings for different lengths with no requirement to keep changing heads, no extensive kit or attachments, but lots of flexibility.
  • Waterproof. Keeping things clean is almost impossible when you’re trimming your beard, but at least being able to wash your trimmer is hugely helpful with this.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ideal for use on your face or for trimming your hair too (can even save on hairdressing bills).


The recommended retail price of the Old Spice trimmer is $45, which is not overly expensive, plus you can usually pick it up for $5-10 cheaper than that. Bargain!


You could be forgiven for thinking that these products were a novelty, Old Spice is a big brand and it makes sense that they expand, but this isn’t just a ploy to make money, and by partnering with Braun they have provided something that is really good quality. Reviews found elsewhere online are also struggling to find fault with the product, which most agree represents huge value for money. In fact, the only real problems I have seen claimed with the product was that it does not hold charge, but this is simply not the case if you take the majority of people, plus of course a two year warranty means that these problems can hopefully be ironed out. There are always a couple of faulty products here and there.

Besides cool branding, and a clever advertising campaign, Old Spice have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one. 4.5/5 star average on the review section of Amazon speaks for itself. Not the cheapest trimmer on the market but considering its features is worth the investment.

Panasonic Milano Series ER-GB40-S Review

panasonic gb40sIn a market dominated by Wahl, Philips and Remington, Panasonic do not get a huge amount of mention on this blog, but perhaps deserve more, the Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S (I know, it’s a mouthful) is a quality model of beard trimmer and perhaps announces Panasonic as real competitors for the aforementioned brands. Mens health grooming awards winner of 2013, this is a widely respected product, which is (at the time of writing) among the top 10 sellers in the category on Amazon.

So what’s so great about this trimmer?

Wet/Dry Shaving

I love this feature! Us men rarely spend the same amount of time grooming as women, and now we can shave in the bath or shower too, which saves even more time in the mornings! Wet and dry functions are not unusual to find on women’s epilators or other shavers, but we love to see manufacturers of beard products embracing the tech. It also makes it very easy to wash!

Super Charging!

A 15 minute charge will give you 50 minutes of use, that’s extremely impressive. We’re sure you’re not going to use that 50 minutes all at once (unless you’re a yeti) then that means it will be rare that you have to charge your beard trimmer, and can avoid another awkward grooming problem! It charges on a stand (which comes with the product).

19 Settings. 19!

Having 19 settings is not hugely unusual, but the fact that this Panasonic Milano incorporates them all without having to attach different heads is truly amazing. They’re easily controlled with a very simple (and effective) slider near the head. The manufacturer describes this as a ‘precision trimmer’ and with detailing down to 0.5mm it certainly lives up to its title. Whether you want to control a big bushy beard or just get an advance on your five o clock shadow you can do it all with this model.

The Price

Of course, the price varies depending on when you buy this, but Amazon usually offer the best value, the RRP is just shy of $70, which is about right for a trimmer with so many features, but they often offer a tidy discount on this too, meaning you can make a bit of a saving (or should that be shaving).


As previously said, there aren’t a great deal of trimmers featured on the blog made by Panasonic (yet) but having used this trimmer we’re certainly coming round to the electronic powerhouse’s efforts within male grooming and beard care. In terms of just grabbing it and getting on with your trim, this is one of the best beard products you could ask for, no need to attach anything, and can be run under water to keep it clean, so no awkward bristly hairs getting lost all over the bathroom either. The charge time is great, the docking station makes it super easy. In fact, it is tough to fault this beard trimmer, and it can often be picked up for under $50, which makes it a really top choice for anyone!

Philips Laser Beard Trimmer 9000 Review

laser beard trimmeA high quality beard trimmer is a key to a well groomed beard. A Beard Trimmer is a must have in order to condition and maintain your beard. It is a wise, and you may even say a necessary investment if you want your face looking as fresh and sharp as possible. They are much easier to use than scissors. They are also more effective, efficient and convenient, doing a better job in less time.

Philips Laser Beard Trimmer

If you’ve grown out that facial hair recently, the next thing needed is a good trimmer in order to maintain it well. I started searching to find out the best trimmer for my beard, and I found this amazing & innovative beard trimmer. I was amazed to see that yet gain Philips introduced a product that truly is one of a kind.

As quoted on Amazon:

“The only beard style expert & dual sided trimmer with a laser guide to create precise and symmetrical shapes 17 lock-in length settings. Detail comb ensures even and perfect results .Dual-sided reversible trimmer for maximum versatility.”

With excellent feedback across the board, this product is actually amazing and well worth buying. After reading the reviews I immediately bought and It’s nothing short of magical taking your grooming routine to the next level. It is worth around $100 which is expensive for some people but considering the features it is well worth it. It is water proof or you can say water resistant so you can easily wash and clean it after use, making for a simple clean up operation. Plus, its skin-friendly, high-performance blades providing the perfect and most accurate trim that won’t cause rashes or irritate the skin. This dual-sided Trimmer has a massive 17 lock-in length settings going up in 0.2mm increments. With this device, you don’t cut hair – you engineer it. It has a zoom wheel which helps to select and then  ‘locks in’ your chosen setting and also is dual-sided and 100% reversible for ultimate versatility.

Now, onto the most impressive and unique feature of this product. The laser technology used in the trimmer is basically as peronalized guide line service which allows you to visualize different styles and work out how to cut in perfect lines. It projects a thin red line onto your skin where you intend to trim, and acts as preview of how your beard and moustache will look on your face as well as helping with those clean line styles. This laser technology is an innovation that has been brewing for some time, introduced for the first time in the whole worldwide trimmer market by Philips, whose effort in bringing us this kind of product is worth appreciating. It will point out where the hairs will be cut so you get it right every time. By using this trimmer one can test out different styles at home and can style your beard as you like and even make a fashion statement. Unlike the other beard trimmers it doesn’t require very much maintenance at all – it’s designed with the intention of being oil free so you don’t really have to oil the trimmer after every use which saves a lot of time and effort too.

So if you’re looking for a trimmer, then I would suggest that Philips Laser Beard Trimmer 9000 is one of the best luxury options on the market.

Best Beard Care Products

bluebeardsIt is important to keep your beard clean, well maintained well-conditioned. Just like your hair, wash and shampoo your beard regularly. For this task, you simply have to use the shampoo, oil and conditioner specially formulated for the beard. Even the best of beards needs a little grooming and maintenance. Beard needs to be washed by the conditioner twice or thrice a week but make sure you rinse it properly. The condition will help soften the beard. Also your Beard can be oiled too to get it softer and shiny. Other than that for beard grooming, a good quality beard trimmer is a must have. A quality trimmer is a key to a well groomed beard. So just like your hair you need different products in order to maintain and condition a luxurious beard.

Here are some of the best beard care products i.e. shampoos, oils, conditioners, trimmers etc widely used around the world.

Bluebeard’s Original Beard Wash:

Bluebeard’s original Beard wash is a kind of specially formulated shampoo for beard which can cleanse both the beard and the skin underneath gently and leave the beard soft right up to its roots. Only a few drops of beard shampoo are necessary, and continued use ensures the disappearance of any skin problems. It has a great and refreshing smell. This extra-conditioning Beard Wash is blended with natural jojoba oils to soften and smooth the wildest of beards. Also it has Fights frizz and flakes for enhancing natural shine.

Grandpa’s Brands Company Pine Tar Soap:

Though we say that soap cannot be compared with a shampoo when it comes to cleaning your beard but this soap is an exception. It can easily be used instead of a shampoo. It is made up of Coconut Oil, palm oil, purified water, pine tar oil (Pinus palustris) and vegetable glycerin which is excellent for bathing, showering, shaving and shampooing. It moisturizes and deodorizes your skin so gently and makes it softer. It removes skin irritations such as Dandruff, Eczema etc.

Hazelnut & Cedar wood Beard Conditioner:

If you want a thick shiny beard, then Hazelnut and Cedar wood beard conditioner is your choice. This conditioner helps keep the beard soft and smelling fresh. It also heals dry, flaky skin and beard-dandruff.

Woodsman Beard Oil:

Woodsman competitive edge is that it has eight different types of oil which is the highest among all the beard oil makers. It is best to do so after a shower. This allows your hair to fully absorb the product and its nutrients. It can be used everyday or twice or thrice a week and helps to keep your hair untangled. It has a wonderful and refreshing scent.

The Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil:

The Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil is formulated for every skin type, regardless of beard texture. Made with 100% Natural and certified organic ingredients, The Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil provides all the benefits of extreme protection with the ability to see your target area clearly. Using The Gentlemen’s Refinery Pre Shave Oil improves your shave experience and post shave skin condition immeasurably.