Beard Trimming Styles

By | June 29, 2013

There are so many different ways in which people present their facial hair nowadays, from full beards to five o clock shadows and a whole spectrum in between. Whether your style is wild and wacky or subtle and stylish, there are lots of beard trimming styles and ideas that can help you out when it comes to your own facial hair. Beard trimmers and other products have really opened up your options, some of which we explore in this post.

5 o Clock Shadow

5 o clock shadow

This is the look a lot of us go for, simply the look most of us get after a day or maybe two of not shaving having been clean shaven. A look we associate with a lot of hollywood actors, busted by the likes of George Clooney a lot of the time and one of the simpler styles to achieve, just clean shave and leave it a day or two, or alternatively use a really close length shave on your trimmer to be perpetually living at 5 o clock.

Short Beard

Pretty self explanatory this one, slightly longer than the stubble look of the 5 o clock shadow and more of a full beard that covers the face with a little more thickness, though still not quite up to the lengths of the next mentioned…

The Jesus Beard!


So called obviously for its association with biblical images of Jesus, a Jesus beard is a full beard, relatively ungroomed.

A Goatee

The style a lot of people go for with their beards, the goatee, which is an area of beard around the chin, up around the mouth and under the lip with a shaved neck/rest of face! Popular and relatively conventional.


The Balbo (named after the Fascist Italian leader who popularized the style) is basically a tuft under the bottom lip combined with a mustache.

Other Options

They’re the main beard styles you’re likely to see people create with their trimmer, but there are lots of other options too. If you’re going for just a mustache on its own you can go for everything from a subtle ‘tache to handlebars or even a horse shoe! Even once you have decided a style you can still vary it up by leaving certain areas with stubble for a less clean look. Don’t forget the sideburns either, whether you’re opting for standard ear length sideburns or going for the big old mutton chop look, which can even be combined with a goatee! The opportunities are almost endless. Get your hands on a great trimmer and start experimenting.


Style is constantly evolving as you know and though these are some of the more popular styles, people often find what looks best for them by experimenting, which is exactly what I would encourage you to do. Your beard can be key to the way you look, so make sure you get it right! Fortunately, the products we have available, and that you can see here on can help you to do this with the maximum ease!