Best Sideburn Trimmer

By | June 9, 2013

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Sideburns are very popular among men everywhere, they can help greatly to balance the facial features, and make a cool addition to most hairstyles. Some people choose to bust their sideburns with a mustache or other facial hair, while some leave it at the burns. Either way, they can be tough to keep in check, and having one of the best sideburn trimmers will help immensely to get the job done.

To use the term “Sideburn Trimmer” is a little bit misleading, in that I’m not going to suggest a specifically designed and manufactured trimmer for Sideburns, but other facial hair trimmers that will work perfectly for this purpose. Most of the top beard trimmers come with many different lengths and features meaning you’ll have more control over your sideburns and the ability to work on other areas of facial hair too.

Detail Trimmer

Having said that beard trimmers with a bunch of features are amazing (they are) I do still feel that it is worth mentioning this awesome little detail trimmer with a tiny price tag! The Remington MPT-3600 Battery Operated Dual Blade Pen Trimmer is retailing at around $10 at the time of me writing this. Okay, so it won’t do your laundry for you, but if you’re already shaving the rest of your beard with an electric shaver or wet shaving method, then this is everything you need to start to detail your sideburns. Depending on the length you’re looking for then a little bit of scissor trimming might be needed, but for working out the detail and finishing the shape of your burns this is a top bit of kit.

Philips Norelco QT4050

This is a model of beard trimmer that crops up over and over again in the articles I write, it is the weapon of choice for so many bearded men all around the world, the Norelco QT4050 is versatile, and offers everything you could possibly need when it comes to grooming your facial hair. No less than 18 length settings mean you can use very short lengths for detail trimming and slightly longer for your personal preference. This is also a vacuum beard trimmer which means it almost totally eliminates the mess factor that can be such a pain when trimming sideburns.

Features of the Norelco include:

  • Precision zoom lock hair length selector
  • Maintenance-free blades which stay sharp and don’t need to be oiled
  • Contour follow comb for a precise, even trim
  • 18 secured length settings varying from 1mm up to 18mm for your preferred look


The best sideburns don’t necessarily come from the best trimmer, and it is important to remember to keep your trimming even on both sides, to keep any blades well oiled and if your sideburns are any sort of length then comb them before you trim, which will help you to get an even length.