Chop! The Best Beard and Mustache Scissors in Review

By | September 13, 2014

sally hansenAs you know, our site is all about trimming beards, and usually we focus on the products that are created to help you do that, but electric beard trimmers aren’t for everyone, and don’t always suit longer beards and certain styles, so we recommend having a good pair of scissors available to you in your facial hair maintenance kit!

How to Trim Your Beard With Scissors

First thing’s first, we need to look at the process of trimming your beard with scissors, and it does take some getting used to.

  1. Make sure you have the right equipment, namely some good beard scissors and a beard comb (yes, that really is necessary!)
  2. Thoroughly wash and even condition your beard first, this makes sure it is even and in the best possible shape to be trimmed.
  3. Comb throughout.
  4. With your comb, brush upwards through the beard to make sure that it is fluffy and sticking out as far as it can.
  5. Still brushing upwards, with a slight slant so that the desired amount of hair to chop off is sticking through the spokes of the comb, and begin to cut these hairs off with your scissors.
  6. Do this throughout at an even length, or to the style you desire!

What to Look For? So what do you need from your scissors? Well, there is a criteria for making the right choice. Firstly, choose a high quality metal that will avoid rust or other problems. A sharp trim is also a must (of course) and a carry pouch is a huge plus point for not losing it and keeping it safe!

Suvorna Ador Mustache & Beard Trimming Scissors Review

suvorna adorWe will mention some other alternatives below, but in general, you won’t go far wrong with the Suvorna Ador scissors. They’re everything you will need! Recommended by professional barbers and great for use on the beard and mustache as well as other areas of unwanted hair, these will also be of great help if you use a trimmer that struggles with your neck too (this is not an uncommon problem).

These are made of a high standard of stainless steel, come with a carry pouch and are a professional grade of scissor, used in salons as well as in the home. They’re affordable and won’t let you down, plus the reviews on Amazon and other online retailers truly are fantastic, with the vast majority of people scoring this a 5/5. Can’t get better than that.

A Cheaper Alternative

Of course, there is always a cheaper option and though you may compromise in some areas, it may not be bad. That option in this case is the Sally Hansen beauty tools mustache and beard scissors. Available for under the $10 mark, it does offer good value for money, and even comes with a comb.


So there we have it, everything you need from a pair of beard scissors in review, and a couple of models right there for your perusal. Both meet with our recommendation, depending on your budget. Make the right choice and happy trimming!