How to Trim a Beard

By | June 8, 2013

how to shaveLearning to shave is something of a right of passage when us guys reach a certain age, we all have the stereotypical image of our fathers standing at the bathroom mirror with us showing us how to shave off our facial hair, but in this day and age we don’t always want it all gone, and the image of being taught how to trim is not such a common one! Trimming a beard can be tough, and varies depending on length and style, which is why we’ve put together our how to trim a beard guide here on

Trimmer or Scissors

Even though this is a website all about the best beard trimmers, I’m not going to tell you that you need to go out and buy some! For the larger, less controlled and calculated beards, a pair of good hairdressing scissors will be an equally good option. However, if you’re looking for styles with multiple lengths or a lot of detail then scissors just wont cut it (excuse the pun) and having a trimmer will make your life a heck of a lot easier.


If you’re looking for a style that has a specific shape such as a goatee, just a mustache, handlebars or just about anything other than a proper full beard you might well want to start with an outline, giving you the shape of the beard before you go ahead and trim. This can be done with most trimmers, or alternatively a specifically designed outliner. Remember to keep a close eye on the mirror and a steady hand.

Trimming the Neck/Face

On the neck, things can get a little tricky. The curvature of your face can make it really tough to get an even shave, luckily many ergonomically designed trimmers are flexible for a close shave and flex with your specific shape. On the cheek this is not such a problem, but skin can get irritable so it is worth getting a good quality balm for afterwards.

Top Tips for How to Trim a Beard

  • If you can afford it, go to a barber shop and get it done professionally sometimes, this will mean a great looking beard for a special event or function.
  • Make sure you get a beard trimmer that will suit you, whether that means cordless, rechargeable, one length or fifty lengths!
  • Get the right care products, balms and lotions will avoid irritated skin and aftershaves will mean you smell tip top for any romantic encounters.
  • Don’t trim when your beard is wet, it will appear longer if you’ve just got out of the shower for example, so wait until it has dried so that you don’t shave too much off and regret it later.
  • Use a comb to help you get an even shave all over, this is especially important if you are using scissors as opposed to a shop bought trimmer.
  • Shave, rather than pluck, any stray hairs, you’ll regret plucking them as it can be painful and make your skin angry, plus there is less chance the hair will grow back normally.