How to Trim Your Beard Evenly

By | June 13, 2013

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We’re all about the art of beard trimming here at, and we know better than most that getting an even trim on your facial hair is certainly not the easiest thing to do. Fortunately, there are loads of great tools to help us with this and even more tricks and techniques to ensure your beard length is even all over. No more uneven tufts of facial hair or neck hairs that just wont go away as we show you how to trim your beard evenly and get the look you want every time!

Decide on Your Beard Trimming Equipment

This is first on your to do list if you want that elusive evenness! Get your gear ready. It doesn’t have to be expensive or top of the range, but it does need to equip you properly for the job. Personally, I recommend a beard trimmer with many adjustable lengths and ergonomic design that will move with the curvature of your face and get into the awkward areas. Even if you can’t get your hands on this, you can do a good job with:

  • A basic trimmer
  • A comb
  • Hairdressing scissors (or ordinary scissors if you need)

Top tips for Ensuring Your Beard is Trimmed Evenly

  1. Make sure your beard isn’t wet. A wet beard, or worse, wet in patches, means you won’t get a proper representation of length in the mirror or when it comes to shaving, and often you’ll shave off too much.
  2. Give it a comb first, this will serve to untangle any hairs that could snag or become a problem and make sure that the hairs are as straight as possible so will be trimmed at the same level, giving you the same length!
  3. You might want to trim with scissors first if your beard is long, this means no pulling when you run your trimmer over your facial hair.
  4. Make sure your trimmer is set to one length securely before running this over your facial hair.
  5. Do not just give a once over and assume your beard is trimmed and ready to go, you will probably need to go over the areas a couple of times at least, or until the hairs stop being trimmed, to make sure you have got it all.


The products available to us today mean that trimming our facial hair is easier than ever, and the world of male grooming is big business. Make sure you follow our guide on how to trim your beard evenly and get a perfect look.