Philips Norelco BT5275 5100 Beard Trimmer Review

By | September 2, 2014

5100Regular visitors to the site will know the name Norelco well, but Norelco BT5275 or the Norelco 5100 may be new to you. This trimmer is part of a large range brought to you by Philips, who are a top manufacturer of grooming products including beard trimmers such as this one. This sleek looking blue and silver trimmer may be the answer for you if you’re looking for a versatile yet simple to use trimmer, available under the $100 mark. In fact, this can be picked up for around $60 now which is a very fair price.

Dual Sided Technology

norelco 5100This is probably the main selling point, and the most unique part of the Norelco 5100, the shape of the head is such that there is one larger side which is in place for trimming or shaving larger areas, and a smaller ‘detailer’ which is in place to shave the more intricate areas, great for those with styles such as goatees or other fashionable beards. (Robert Downey, Jr. would be a fan, I’m sure).

Other Features

Along with the dual sides, this has a huge amount of excellent features being offered at this pricing point. We’ve summarized and listed them all below:

  • 17 (yes, a massive seventeen) shaving lengths, all easily controllable with a wheel attached to the trimmer, no awkwardness and messing around trying to fit attachments.
  • High performance, self-sharpening blades. Don’t ask me how it works, but some clever clogs has worked out how to get a blade to sharpen itself, which means a long lasting trimmer that keeps doing a good job, and minimal maintenance, just plug it in and use it!
  • One hour on charge gives you one hour of usage, a mind blowing ratio for this quality battery.
  • Comes with a beard comb and power adapter. Everything you need!

What doesn’t it have?

Well, the 5100 has a big brother, the 9100, and the main difference between the two is the vacuum. Vacuum beard trimmers are something of a trend, designed to suck up the hair as it falls and minimize the mess, which is great, but you will pay a premium if this is a feature you feel you need. The 9100 also has a laser guide, which gives it something of a sci-fi feel, but in some places you will pay double the price for it. Trust me, it’s made for hardcore trimmers who need a lot from their grooming products!

What Others Have Said

This is extremely well reviewed on Amazon and elsewhere, with a massive amount of 4 and 5 star reviews. Many have called it the best in the Norelco range, which is quite a claim among these excellent products. Others have commented on the massive range of lengths, and how simple they are to select, this is a big plus point of the 5100.


This trimmer comes with my recommendation. You’ll be hard pressed to find another trimmer under $100 which is so well reviewed and has such great features, and the added detail blade means that it is excellent for styling, allowing you to do so much with your facial hair that might not be possible with a cheaper trimmer. It’s fully washable, which makes it simple to clean up and in many ways reduces the need for the vacuum that we have discussed comes with other products in the range. It comes with everything most of us will need, and it is tough to find negative reviews, meaning your experience is more than likely to be extremely positive.