Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Laser Beard Trimmer Review

By | February 4, 2015

norelco9100It may sound like something from the future, but it is here today! That’s right, Philips have given us beard trimming with laser precision. Literally. Today we have a review of the Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 trimmer, a high tech hair removal product which has seen a lot of hype, but does it live up to expectation? What features are on offer with the trimmer? And, most importantly, is it worth your hard earned cash?

Many people on first look might think that this is a gimmick, with so many trimmers on the market now it is important to have a USP, and the laser is certainly that, but it is not just tech for the sake of it, and it serves a purpose for us beard shapers!

The Best Trimmer for Precision?

Of course, it is designed to be accurate, the laser creates a line the whole way across your face, meaning that before the Norelco 9100 even touches your face you are able to align it perfectly. If you have one of the more chiseled styles of beard, or simply need it to be accurate, you won’t need me to tell you just how valuable this is. It isn’t just the laser that helps with being precise though. This is a double ended trimmer, meaning that it has a smaller end for trimming the tougher nooks and crannies that it can be hard to reach, or just detailing. Think of the longer end as a big paint brush, the shorter end as a small one for filling in the details.

Full list of Features:

Norelco are a great range of beard trimmers anyway, and the 9100 is no exception, offering everything you would expect and more to go along with its futuristic tech.

  • 17 length settings. This further helps with detail and lets you choose to within millimeters how short you want your trim.
  • Chromium steel blades that don’t need to be oiled. They’re smooth, designed to avoid irritating your skin and not to require any maintenance. Can’t be bad.
  • Lock in wheel to control length. Nobody wants to be fiddling around with attachments all the time just to get the length you want. The clever wheel design means you can choose your length, lock in and go.
  • Can be used cordless and a one hour charge gives you an impressive one hour of use due to its lithium ion battery, great for traveling around and convenience.
  • Fully washable! Though not a ‘wet and dry’ model, it is still completely washable and can be rinsed off after use, making the clean up a lot simpler.
  • Comes complete in the box with two different types of beard comb, charger and its own storage pouch for transporting it around.


This really is a top of the line trimmer! Laser or no laser, it is effective, has a great list of features and is so easy to use, as well as having an impressive battery life. Okay, so it isn’t the cheapest trimmer out there, but there’s an element of ‘you get what you pay for’ and most who invest in the Norelco 9100 won’t be disappointed. Met largely with positive reviews and coming off the back of the huge success of the Norelco brand, this isn’t just a futuristic statement, but a high quality, high detail, trimming machine.