Remington MB-200 Review

By | July 2, 2013

remington_mb200Remington have a really prestigious name when it comes to the world of grooming products, and the MB 200 is one of their most popular beard trimmers. It is our quest here at best beard trimmer guide to review as many of the top selling trimmers as possible, so we’ve cast an eye over the MB-200 in order to let you know exactly what it has to offer.




The first thing to note about the MB-200 is its price, available for around the 30 buck mark, this beard trimming product offers such good value for money. There are more advanced versions made by the same manufacturer but this will suit most of our needs perfectly and who can really complain at this price?

Length Settings

For the maximum precision and control of our facial hair I like a model that can offer a vast array of beard lengths. We all tend to go for different styles of beard, some of which we’ve already discussed in some detail on our blog. This trimmer offers nine different lengths so you can go anywhere from a five o clock shadow to a full beard style. Not as many as some other models, but still an impressive amount of choice for the price range this comes in at.

Self Sharpening, Titanium Blades

Remington prides itself on its state of the art blades, and the MB-200 is one of the trimmers that offers self sharpening blades, which increases the longevity of your trimmer and offers a precise and speedy trim with minimal maintenance.

Washable Head

There’s no denying that the clean up op is one of the toughest parts of the trimming process, but it is made easier by the fact that the Remington MB-200 has been manufactured with a washable head. The whole model is not washable but feel free to run the head under a tap in order to wash out the hairs and make the whole process much simpler and mess free!

Other Features

More great features worth noting in our Remington MB-200 Review include:

  • Blades that never need oiling! These bad boys claim to never need any oil and won’t cause discomfort if you don’t oil them from time to time.
  • Completely rechargeable battery (included)
  • Use of this trimmer in either corded or cordless modes is equally easy.
  • LED indicator makes for maximum control and monitoring of your beard trimmer.

Example Review:

“I bought this item for my husband, who will only ever use certain grooming items but is really happy with this. It is easily adjustable and trims cleanly every time with minimum maintenance. He’s ha it a month or two now and has absolutely no complaints, lets just hope it lasts a long time!”


Remington is definitely a brand you can trust and our Remington MB-200 Review had to be a positive one not only because of its features but the fact that it is available at such a great price! Top recommendation from us at Beard Trimmer Guide.