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The Best Travel Beard Trimmers on the Market Today

Even when traveling, the modern man wants to look and feel their best by keeping his beard neat and trim. This of course means, bringing along their beard trimmers; however, some trimmers carry a weight to them or even need a cradle charger, which can be hugely inconvenient if trying to travel light and with… Read More »

Best Stubble Trimmers

Are you having a hard time maintaining that Ryan-Gosling-stubble look?  Is your beard looking a little wild these days?  Before you go out and buy the most expensive stubble trimmer available, let’s look at five of the best stubble trimmers on the market this year. Best Models of Stubble Trimmer The Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial… Read More »

Remington MB-200 Review

Remington have a really prestigious name when it comes to the world of grooming products, and the MB 200 is one of their most popular beard trimmers. It is our quest here at best beard trimmer guide to review as many of the top selling trimmers as possible, so we’ve cast an eye over the… Read More »