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Best Stubble Trimmers

Are you having a hard time maintaining that Ryan-Gosling-stubble look?  Is your beard looking a little wild these days?  Before you go out and buy the most expensive stubble trimmer available, let’s look at five of the best stubble trimmers on the market this year. Best Models of Stubble Trimmer The Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial… Read More »

How to Use a Beard Trimmer

You’ll probably guess by the title of our website, we’re big fans of beard trimmers and we’ve created something of a ‘Dummy’s guide’ on how to use a beard trimmer in order to help those of us who might be used to more traditional methods and not used to shaving with a trimmer. Technology is… Read More »

Beard Trimming Styles

There are so many different ways in which people present their facial hair nowadays, from full beards to five o clock shadows and a whole spectrum in between. Whether your style is wild and wacky or subtle and stylish, there are lots of beard trimming styles and ideas that can help you out when it… Read More »

Best Goatee Trimmer

A goatee is a popular style of facial hair and is a great way to add a little variation if you’re getting sick of the same old beard or stubble. Goatees aren’t for everyone, and some say you need to have a certain type of looks to pull it off, but hey if they’re good… Read More »