The Best Beard Trimmers for Sensitive Skin

By | November 10, 2013
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If your skin is sensitive to shaving then a beard trimmer is an excellent alternative. Shaving sensitive skin often results in irritation and razor bumps no matter what kind of razor you use. Beard trimmers don’t give you as close of a shave as razors and that’s what makes them a better solution for sensitive skin.

When looking for the right beard trimmer, there are a number of factors that should be considered and not just the price. For example, the trimmer should give you a precision cut without pulling the hair. To achieve that goal you should choose a trimmer that’s right for the texture of your hair. You may also want features such as being able to specify a lockable length to avoid cutting more here than you want as well as having a built in vacuum so that trimmed hair doesn’t end up falling into your sink and clogging your drain. So let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should consider when shopping for the best beard trimmers for your skin.

Recommended Trimmer

For a specific model, let us recommend the Braun Cruzer 6 face. This is one of the most popular ranges of trimmers, and as the ‘face’ name may tell you, it is designed to be kind to your skin, however sensitive. The twistable head means you won’t be going against the shape of your face and helps to avoid any irritation at all.

What’s the Texture of Your Facial Hair?

This is particularly important if you wear a beard. Would you describe your facial here as fine, of course, or somewhere in between. If you currently sport a short beard that you trim with an electric trimmer, do you suffer with razor bumps or ingrown hairs after using it on your face? If so, this may indicate that you have coarse hair in your trimmer is pulling instead of cleanly cutting it, causing the hair to recede below the skin line where it grows under the skin causing bumps. Feel the hair on your face and make a subjective evaluation about its coarseness. Have your significant other do the same thing and see if your opinions match.

How Long Is Your Beard and How Is It Shaped or Styled?

If you have a long beard how do you maintain it today? Are you using tweezers and scissors to keep it shaped or do you just let it grow naturally or wild? Do your sideburns and beard grow together or do you keep them separate? Depending on how much facial hair you intend to maintain you’ll want to shop for the best beard trimmers that come with features that allow you to lock in the beard length you want to maintain, as well as have features that let you trim your mustache, sideburns, and nose hairs. Inexpensive beard trimmers will accomplish these tasks with interchangeable attachments. Trimmers that are a little more expensive for have built in heads and combs that are adjustable to your liking.

Which Trimmer Should You Choose?

braun faceYou should be able to answer this question with ease once you have the answers to the first two questions. Your only real decision to make at this point is how much you’re willing to invest in your ideal beard trimmer. These handy little devices have evolved significantly over the years. Early model beard trimmers or prone to inflicting damage to the skin of the user in the form of blade bites, nicks, and razor burns. However, the trimmers in use today are far less prone to inflict injury. The happy result of this advance in technology means that even expensive beard trimmers may satisfy your needs, so long as you take into account your unique hair texture and sensitivity of your skin.

It’s a Long-Term Decision

Never forget that grooming is a significant part of your life. Selecting the ideal trimming device for your face is an important decision that you’ll most likely have to live with for quite some time. Finding the best beard trimmer for sensitive skin will save you time each morning as well as save you a measure of frustration and pain. Daily grooming affects the rest of your day because being well groomed gets you taken more seriously on the job and your significant other will always appreciate how well you take care of your appearance.