TRYM Beard Trimmer Review

By | July 21, 2013

trym beard trimmer

The TRYM Beard trimmer is a very popular model, and one that has been mentioned in quite a few of our lists and articles here on best beard trimmer guide, however as of yet I haven’t given it its own full post, so here, in this TRYM beard trimmer review we are going to have a detailed look at this stylish model, designed for the modern man.


This is the first thing that jumps out at you regarding the TRYM, the way it looks. It could well be straight out of the latest Apple convention, or even from a 90’s sci fi movie. It is sleek and minimalist and definitely looks great in your bathroom, especially if it happens to be in a bachelor pad! As well as the trimmer itself the cool holder that allows it to stay free standing adds to its looks.

What’s In The Box?

This is important to know when it comes to all sorts of trimmers, what comes with it? Well, the TRYM comes with a charging base, AC adapter, three different length attachments, oil for the blade and a cleaning brush. Everything you need to get started.

Trimming Quality

No complaints regarding the quality of this trimmer, it has pro grade blades which have very few problems giving a neat trim. Perhaps this little beauty doesn’t quite stack up when it comes to the top of the range, and some of the impressive vacuum and hi tech trimmers, but it is more than adequate for most of our needs, especially when we consider the…

Value For Money

Absolutely brilliant value for money on offer here from the manufacturer. The Amazon listing price is currently at around $30 which isn’t quite the cheapest out there (Wahl models dominate the low end of the market) but if you want something that is stylish and not an eye-sore in your bathroom then this is the model for you, offering features that other trimmers in the same price range don’t.


As already mentioned, this is not the best trimmer out there, nor does it pretend to be, but it is high quality and, for what it is, very cheap!

Example Review

This beard trimmer was sleek and even came in a sleek package! Looks awesome on my sink and was great for my sensitive skin. Attachments all labeled well and easy to use at quite an impressive price too.