Wahl 9818 All-in-one Groomer Review

By | February 28, 2015

9818Today we’re taking a look at The Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer which is one of the top selling trimmers that you can find in the market. We have many reviews of Wahl grooming products here, and this all-in-one is definitely one of the best, allowing us to groom not only our beards but head hair and even nose and ear hair too, providing a great solution for most male facial hair needs. With its cool stainless steel design, it certainly looks the part, and over 4/5 stars on Amazon suggests that this is one of the top trimmers you can get your hands on – but does the 9818 do the job?

The arrival of 21st century made many changes to the world of grooming and electronic products to be used in the bathroom. In this modern world, the trends and beliefs of the people have also changed to a great extent. People are now much more groomed.

The Wahl company is famous for designing the products that can be used in male grooming but this particular model has no match with any of its predecessors. The trimmer is more advanced than many of the ‘budget’ models the company offer (some of which are actually very good). In fact, having this trimmer in your hand allows you to trim your hair in a professional way, something that some of the cheaper models by the same company don’t have to offer.

Sleek design:

The trimmer is designed in a metal body. The sleek and stylish silver colored stainless steel body gives the trimmer an attractive look. On the top, the sharp blades helps you trim your beard perfectly and evenly.

Long battery life:

The trimmer is supplied with dual voltage battery. This gives it a long battery life, with one hour charge providing up to four hours of use. After complete charging, the trimmer automatically switches the charger off. The smart LED installed in it also indicates low charging.

Adjustable blades:

The trimmer has adjustable blades. These blades help you adjust the length of your facial hair to pin point accuracy. Adjusting the blades can help you trim your beard as a whole, giving it a touch up, or trimming it in a particular style.

Multiple Attachments:

This wonderful product not only allows you to trim your beard. But it also comes up with a nose and brow trimmer blade. Using this blade you can easily trim the lengthy hairs of your nose, ears or can shape your brows.

Male grooming is also one of the gifts of this 21st century. In this era, men are now more conscious about their looks. They are also in the limelight of the media. Keeping a beard has become something of a trend of our society, with everyone from Clooney to David Beckham sporting facial fuzz of different varieties. It enhances the personality of the individual and can keep men coming up with interesting looks. Having a beard is not in itself a problem. But the problem arises in its grooming. Unless you have the time and cash to make weekly (or even more frequent) trips to the barber, everyone is in need of a handy solution that can save their time.

So, if you are tired of low quality trimmers and want a versatile trimmer at an affordable price, consider the Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer and make trimming easy. The company also gives a 5 year warranty on this product, so it should help with your facial hair needs for a long time!