Wahl 9854-600 Review – Beard Trimmer and All-In-One

By | August 21, 2014

wahltrimmerWahl are one of the most prolific makers of beard trimmers, and more than ever men are using their products to trim their beards in search of facial hair perfection! Their range of beard trimmers and all in ones are among the best, and range from the cheapest pricing point to the more expensive end of the market. This model, the catchy named Wahl 9854-600 is somewhere in the middle, but offers features way beyond its pricing point, as we are about to explore.

Lithium Ion Battery

As the title of the product suggests it offers a lithium ion battery, this is not unusual and is more and more the way grooming (and other) technology is going, however for the price it is rare to find such a great amount of battery related features, these are:

  • One hour full charge (compared to 8-12 hours in some other trimmers)
  • One minute quick charge. Out of battery? Need a quick tidy up? A one minute charge will get you four minutes of use out of this trimmer. Impressive.
  • Runs for three times longer on a single charge than most of its competitors.


Battery is all well and good, and is a major selling point of the 9854-600, but it is useless if the features don’t do the job you need. So what does this trimmer offer?

Four Blades/Attachments

This is probably one of the coolest selling points of this product, the four attachments. I guess that is what makes it an all in one! The four attachments are:

  • Shave. All off shaves are easy and turn this into a standard electric shaver
  • Detail. A smaller blade to allow for intricate shaving and detailing in your beard
  • Trimmer. For trimming to the desired length.
  • Clip. To turn your all in one into hair clippers.



This has a huge range of attachments and even comes with its own carry bag, so you’ll feel like a barber with this set! A variety of combs, attachments, oil, chargers and the aforementioned bag make this even better value for money, $40 for all of this is a bargain, especially by grooming products’ standards. If you like to ‘keep it simple’ then this may not be the trimmer for you (even though you don’t have to use all of the attachments of course).

What Other Reviews Are Saying

This trimmer has been widely met with excellent reviews, and has some great strengths that make it one of the top selling beard products available today. On Amazon, this has a rating of four stars out of five which is hugely respectable, and puts it in competition with many products twice its price.


The only way I feel that this could be improved is to be a little more simple, I love the way many trimmers now can be altered with the flick of a switch, but that is a tough thing to achieve with such a versatile, all-in-one model. Wahl have gone all out with this trimmer and achieved some excellent results, as a budget all in one this is definitely a product that us at best beard trimmer guide would recommend!