Wahl 9916-817 Beard Trimmer Review

By | September 13, 2014

wahl 9916We all have different needs, desires and of course budgets when it comes to our beard trimmers, and Wahl, better than most, know this fact. The¬†Wahl 9916-817 trimmer is one of an absolutely huge range of grooming and facial hair related products brought to you by this manufacturer, who have been creating these kinds of products for verging on a century, and electric razors and shavers have been a part of their range since the 80s. They know what they’re doing, so does the 9916-817 Groomsman model live up to their high standard?

The first thing to mention is the price. Available for around the $20 mark, this truly is towards the cheaper end of the market, which you may know often sees trimmers that reach three figures in price. This is around half of the price of many of its competitors, which is great, but not if its features are half as good. Fortunately, that isn’t something the Groomsman struggles with.


Features of the Wahl 9916-817 Groomsman

The excellent features of the Groomsman are surprising considering its price. Firstly, it comes with a handy stand, which is great for storage but is in place to let you charge the trimmer, which is cordless. Corded use can be a real pain, so this is a great feature. The battery life is good, but not at the very top of the range, so I would say that this is perfect for home use, especially considering the fact that it has multiple attachments.

Included in the box is everything from beard oil, to a comb, guide combs and more. Wahl are great for including little extras and even on products that are so affordable, it really is commendable. Also in the box is the instructions and styling guide. You get an amazing three year manufacturer warranty with this, they clearly shows the faith they have in their products.

trimmerThe handling of the trimmer is nice, an ergonomic design makes it not uncomfortable to hold and not uncomfortable on your skin. Perhaps not the very best if you have sensitive skin, as it is not specifically designed for these purposes. There are 7 length settings which are really easy to swap between. This is as many as most of us will ever need, but if you do want a complex style or are extremely extremely specific about your length then it may also be worth looking elsewhere.

What Others Have Said

Customer reviews on Amazon

The general consensus of online reviews is that it is a good trimmer for its price point. Rated 4/5 on Amazon, it has a very respectable list of reviews from both professionals and home users, Wahl are a name you can trust and while this trimmer isn’t necessarily flashy and doesn’t have all of the most amazing features in the world of trimmers, it has the basics that most of us will use in abundance. Many of the reviews have praised the battery life, while others talk about the ease of use.


Is this the very best beard trimmer on the market? Possibly not, but for $20 you can’t go wrong if your trimming needs are relatively basic. Great for keeping your facial hair, mustache, beard or otherwise, in check, and can be used as a clipper for your head as well. One reviewer has said that they have had their trimmer for 10 years (averaging the price out to two bucks a year) and experienced no problems at all, so that three year guarantee is justified!

In summary, it comes with our recommendation, as long as you don’t need to do complex detailing or other styles. Just looking to trim and keep in check or do something simple like a goatee? This is an excellent option on a budget.