Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Review

By | September 13, 2013

wahlpeanutWahl are one of the most commonly mentioned names here on our beard trimmer website, they have such a huge range of grooming products spanning so many price ranges and offering a variety of features and functions, from hair clippers to beard trimmers, nose trimmers and more. The Wahl Peanut is what we’re going to be reviewing today, and is one of their more professional models, so is it any good?

Summary of the Peanut

Coming in a sleek white look with a cheeky design which funnily enough looks somewhat like a peanut, this trimmer is made for build quality, excellent blades and reliability. Does it have all of the features you can get in trimmers these days? Absolutely not, and if you want a built in vacuum or an LCD display then I would definitely start to look elsewhere, but if you want a great, strong reliable trimmer which is simple but really gets the job done, you need look no further!

Is it a beard trimmer? Aha, this is the question. Lots of people use this for their hair, and I’ve even seen professional barbers and hair stylists use it in their shops, but it does an equally good job on facial hair and is marketed as a beard trimmer as well as a clipper.

Features of the Wahl Peanut:

  • Small and portable, it’s just 4 inches long which is amazing for a professional trimmer.
  • 4 different cutting guides ranging from 1/8th to 1/2 inch (not the variation you get elsewhere but suitable for a load of our purposes.
  • Comes with a visible red blade guard to protect.
  • Light! This comes in at just 4 ounces, yep, you heard! This thing is nearly as light as a peanut.
  • Easy to clean and comes with oil and a brush.

So as you can see, it is relatively no frills, but some of us really don’t look for a trimmer that claims it can do our washing up and what this may lack in fancy technology it makes up for in sturdiness, quality and efficiency. The trimmer has that little added guarantee of being made by Wahl who are undeniably one of the best manufacturers out there.

What others have said about the Wahl Peanut:

The following quotes come from customer reviews of the peanut.

“I have been shaving my head for 4 years and have never found something that gives me such a close shave”
“Amazing for travel as it is so light and small, very portable and gets the job done”
“I use the peanut for both my beard and my hair and it does a great job on both”
“I have had mine for 2 years now and I don’t think the blades have perished at all since I bought it”


The RRP of the Peanut is around $50 but it isn’t the newest model around so you can expect to pick it up nowadays at around $30. A great price for a trimmer that is not going to break quickly and will prove good value for money over the years of service it will give you!